My Journey

Jessica Gale Friesen

"Always having had a passion for the written words, I share my relatable, sort of sassy, and always honest point of view through my book and blogs.

Naturally, I'm a quiet person, but when provoked or had enough of the status-quo, you would want to hear me speak.- JGF



As An Author

The art of writing is a gift that can change many lives, including not only the readers of the work but the author of the work as well. My writing has become a gift that is changing my life and is a craft I am continuously developing through my blogs and my books.



As A Speaker

My professional experience has allowed me to connect uniquely with a variety of audiences. I have experience delivering keynotes in a traditional conference format and am also an experienced workshop facilitator. Every engagement is an opportunity to engage in new discussions, break down barriers, and do my part to help others.

Together, Let's Make the Change and Build a Stronger Future!
To learn more about having me as a keynote speaker for your event, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Reader's Review

Reader's Corner

Now that you've read my story, I would love to hear yours or your point of view!

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