Jessica Joins the Professional Insights Podcast

Join me on the Professional Insights podcast where the gentleman and I discuss supporting local, worldwide fuel prices, and philanthropy. We also discuss workplace harassment, where I share the details about a horrible workplace harassment scenario that I was interviewed about by CHCH earlier this month.

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Break the Stigma Around Mental Health

1 in 5 Canadians struggle with their mental health, many in silence. These are the same people that you interact with every day. In order to break the stigma around mental health and truly help those that are suffering, we need to normalize talking about mental health.

I was invited by the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) to share a deeply personal conversation about my own battle with mental illness and discuss how we can continue the conversation in our homes and workplaces.

We had the opportunity to have a very stark and honest conversation about my journey, while discussing the overall stigma, prejudice and discrimination tied to mental health.

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A Conversation About Stigma and Mental Health

A Conversation About Stigma and Mental Health

Before I decided to write my book, This Will Not Break Me, I gave a speech at a United Way that was very special to me – marking the beginning of me putting myself out there and sharing more of my personal journeys. I had the pleasure of being invited to speak again for United Way at a Lunch and Learn, diving into a deeper discussion surrounding the stigma tied to mental health.

You can listen to our conversation by visiting the following link:

A Conversation About Stigma and Mental Health